A decompilation of Metroid Prime brought to you by fans of the series.
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A work-in-progress decompilation of Metroid Prime.

This repository does not contain any game assets or assembly whatsoever. An existing copy of the game is required.

The following game versions are supported:

  • GM8E01_00 (USA v1.088)

If you'd like to contribute, see CONTRIBUTING.md.



On Windows, it's highly recommended to use native tooling. WSL or msys2 are not required.
When running under WSL, objdiff is unable to get filesystem notifications for automatic rebuilds.

  • Install Python and add it to %PATH%.
  • Download ninja and add it to %PATH%.
    • Quick install via pip: pip install ninja


  • Install ninja:
    brew install ninja
  • Install wine-crossover:
    brew install --cask --no-quarantine gcenx/wine/wine-crossover

After OS upgrades, if macOS complains about Wine Crossover.app being unverified, you can unquarantine it using:

sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine '/Applications/Wine Crossover.app'


  • Install ninja.
  • For non-x86(_64) platforms: Install wine from your package manager.
    • For x86(_64), WiBo, a minimal 32-bit Windows binary wrapper, will be automatically downloaded and used.


  • Clone the repository:
    git clone https://github.com/PrimeDecomp/prime.git
  • Using Dolphin Emulator, extract your game to orig/GM8E01_00 (or the appropriate version).
    • To save space, the only necessary files are the following. Any others can be deleted.
      • sys/main.dol
      • files/NESemuP.rel
  • Configure:
    python configure.py
    To use a version other than GM8E01_00 (USA), specify --version GM8E01_01 or similar.
  • Build:


Once the initial build succeeds, an objdiff.json should exist in the project root.

Download the latest release from encounter/objdiff. Under project settings, set Project directory. The configuration should be loaded automatically.

Select an object from the left sidebar to begin diffing. Changes to the project will rebuild automatically: changes to source files, headers, configure.py, splits.txt or symbols.txt.