Lightweight fork of libsquish (DXT library)

Updated 5 years ago

Data interchange, editor suite, and runtime re-implementations for games by Retro Studios

Updated 1 month ago

JoyBus server library for use with GameBoy Advance emulators

Updated 4 years ago

Virtual Gamecube CARD API

Updated 1 year ago

Link-centralized, modular event logging facility

Updated 1 year ago

A source-level GameCube & Wii compatibility layer

Updated 1 month ago

Modding tools and editor suite for the Metroid Prime series

Updated 7 months ago

CMake-only fork of with cleaned, vendored dependencies

Updated 1 month ago

General-purpose streaming I/O framework

Updated 6 months ago

LZ👌 – MIT licensed C++ implementation of LZO compression/decompression algorithm

Updated 1 month ago

Optimized geometry and math classes

Updated 1 month ago

A decompilation of Metroid Prime brought to you by fans of the series.

Updated 3 days ago

MIDI and SFX sequencer, designed for compatibility with MusyX audio groups

Updated 2 months ago

TinyXML2 is a simple, small, efficient, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrating into other programs.

Updated 6 years ago

Quick-and-dirty wrapper that tries to run 32-bit Windows command-line executables on Linux

Updated 7 days ago