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Explicitly link std::filesystem as needed (#14)
* Fix cmake install command

PROGRAMS specifies executable files, while TARGETS specifies cmake
targets. This install command happened to work when doing an in-tree
build (build dir == source dir) but will otherwise fail.

* Explicitly link std::filesystem as needed

On some older compilers, std::filesystem is provided as a separate
library from the C++ standard library. For example, on GCC 8, one must
explicitly link with -lstdc++fs.

We can use a drop-in https://github.com/vector-of-bool/CMakeCM module to
automate detection of and linking against this auxiliary library when needed.

* Add missing include

std::min is in <algorithm> header
This is transitively included in libstdc++ (GCC)
but not in libc++ (Clang)

(Encountered when testing -lc++fs auxiliary library linking in Clang 7)
2022-07-08 02:02:27 +09:00
FindFilesystem.cmake Explicitly link std::filesystem as needed (#14) 2022-07-08 02:02:27 +09:00