A decompilation of Metroid Prime brought to you by fans of the series.

Updated 2 hours ago

Modding tools and editor suite for the Metroid Prime series

Updated 4 days ago

Data interchange, editor suite, and runtime re-implementations for games by Retro Studios

Updated 6 days ago

A source-level GameCube & Wii compatibility layer

Updated 1 week ago

CodeWarrior C++ symbol demangler

Updated 1 week ago

A tool for decompilation projects.

Updated 1 month ago

Rust tools for PowerPC 750CL

Updated 2 months ago

Rust bindings for rabbitizer MIPS disassembler

Updated 3 months ago

Shell abstraction layer and rendering interface for 3D applications

Updated 3 months ago

CMake-only fork of https://dawn.googlesource.com/dawn with cleaned, vendored dependencies

Updated 3 months ago

Nintendo Optical Disc traversal and generation

Updated 4 months ago

General-purpose streaming I/O framework

Updated 4 months ago

Optimized geometry and math classes

Updated 4 months ago

Link-centralized, modular event logging facility

Updated 4 months ago

Virtual Gamecube CARD API

Updated 4 months ago

Simple Directmedia Layer

Updated 6 months ago

LZ👌 – MIT licensed C++ implementation of LZO compression/decompression algorithm

Updated 7 months ago

MIDI and SFX sequencer, designed for compatibility with MusyX audio groups

Updated 10 months ago

Rust crate for reading GameCube and Wii disc images

Updated 10 months ago

Rust wrapper for LZ👌, a minimal, MIT-licensed implementation of the LZO compression format.

Updated 1 year ago