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#pragma once
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include "athena/SakuraGlobal.hpp"
namespace athena::Sakura {
class SpriteFile;
class SpriteFrame;
class Sprite {
Sprite(SpriteFile* root);
Sprite(SpriteFile* root, const std::string& name);
virtual ~Sprite();
virtual void setPosition(const float x, const float y);
virtual void setPosition(const Vector2Df& pos);
virtual Vector2Df position() const;
void setName(const std::string& name);
std::string name() const;
void addStateId(int id);
* \brief Returns the texture id of a given state
* \param index The index of the id.
* \return return the state id if it exists, -1 otherwise
int stateId(int index) const;
void setStateIds(std::vector<int> ids);
std::vector<int> stateIds() const;
atUint32 stateCount() const;
void setCurrentState(atUint32 id);
atUint32 currentState() const;
bool addFrame(SpriteFrame* Frame);
bool removeFrame(SpriteFrame* Frame);
SpriteFrame* Frame(atUint32 id);
void setFrame(atUint32 id);
void setFrames(std::vector<SpriteFrame*> frames);
atUint32 frameCount() const;
std::vector<SpriteFrame*> frames() const;
SpriteFile* container() const;
void setCurrentFrame(SpriteFrame* frame);
void setCurrentFrame(atUint32 id);
SpriteFrame* currentFrame() const;
void advanceFrame();
void retreatFrame();
void setRoot(SpriteFile* root);
SpriteFile* root() const;
SpriteFile* m_root;
std::string m_name;
Vector2Df m_position;
std::vector<int> m_stateIds; //!< Stores the texture id's for each state.
std::vector<SpriteFrame*> m_frames;
atUint32 m_currentState;
atUint32 m_currentFrame;
} // namespace athena::Sakura