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#pragma once
#include <array>
#include <cstdint>
// Modified code taken from libogc
system.h -- OS functions and initialization
Copyright (C) 2004
Michael Wiedenbauer (shagkur)
Dave Murphy (WinterMute)
This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any
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purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and
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1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you
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2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and
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3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source
namespace kabufuda {
#pragma pack(push, 1)
union SRAMFlags {
uint8_t Hex;
struct {
uint8_t : 2;
uint8_t sound : 1; // Audio settings; 0 = Mono, 1 = Stereo
uint8_t initialized : 1; // if 0, displays prompt to set language on boot and asks user to set options and time/date
uint8_t : 2;
uint8_t boot_menu : 1; // if 1, skips logo animation and boots into the system menu regardless of if there is a
// disc inserted
uint8_t progressive : 1; // if 1, automatically displays Progressive Scan prompt in games that support it
union SRAM {
using FlashID = std::array<std::array<uint8_t, 12>, 2>;
std::array<uint8_t, 64> p_SRAM;
struct // Stored configuration value from the system SRAM area
uint16_t checksum; // Holds the block checksum.
uint16_t checksum_inv; // Holds the inverse block checksum
uint32_t ead0; // Unknown attribute
uint32_t ead1; // Unknown attribute
uint32_t counter_bias; // Bias value for the realtime clock
int8_t display_offsetH; // Pixel offset for the VI
uint8_t ntd; // Unknown attribute
uint8_t lang; // Language of system
SRAMFlags flags; // Device and operations flag
// Stored configuration value from the extended SRAM area
FlashID flash_id; // flash_id[2][12] 96bit memorycard unlock flash ID
uint32_t wirelessKbd_id; // Device ID of last connected wireless keyboard
std::array<uint16_t, 4> wirelessPad_id; // 16-bit device ID of last connected pad.
uint8_t dvderr_code; // last non-recoverable error from DVD interface
uint8_t __padding0; // reserved
std::array<uint8_t, 2> flashID_chksum; // 8-bit checksum of unlock flash ID
uint32_t __padding1; // padding
#pragma pack(pop)
extern const SRAM g_SRAM;
} // namespace kabufuda