Lightweight fork of libsquish (DXT library)
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* Iterative cluster fit is now considered to be a new compression mode
* The core cluster fit is now 4x faster using contributions by Ignacio
Castano from NVIDIA
* The single colour lookup table has been halved by exploiting symmetry
* Added contributed SSE1 truncate implementation
* Changed use of SQUISH_USE_SSE to be 1 for SSE and 2 for SSE2 instructions
* Cluster fit is now iterative to further reduce image error
* Switched from using floor to trunc for much better SSE performance (again)
* Xcode build now expects libpng in /usr/local for extra/squishpng
* Fixed floating-point equality issue in clusterfit sort (x86 affected only)
* Implemented proper SSE(2) floor function for 50% speedup on SSE builds
* The range fit implementation now uses the correct colour metric
* Fixed bug in CompressImage where masked pixels were not skipped over
* DXT3 and DXT5 alpha compression now properly use the mask to ignore pixels
* Fixed major DXT1 bug that can generate unexpected transparent pixels
* Added CompressMasked function to handle incomplete DXT blocks more cleanly
* Added kWeightColourByAlpha flag for better quality images when alpha blending
* Fixed stack overflow in rangefit
* Worked around SSE floor implementation bug, proper fix needed!
* This release has visual studio and makefile builds that work
* Added provably optimal single colour compressor
* Added extra/squishgen.cpp that generates single colour lookup tables
* Fixed a DXT1 colour output bug
* Changed argument order for Decompress function to match Compress
* Added GetStorageRequirements function
* Added CompressImage function
* Added DecompressImage function
* Moved squishtool.cpp to extra/squishpng.cpp
* Added extra/squishtest.cpp
* Initial release