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Luke Street 208a8c1f84 Add emscripten logvisorAbort 2022-08-03 18:11:46 -04:00
Phillip Stephens 6926b6a7c9
Always flush log file on close to prevent incomplete logs 2022-01-10 23:27:06 -08:00
Luke Street df3c283186 Update fmt to 8.0.0; drop support for wchar
Adds some boost-nowide headers to assist in
UTF-8/16 conversion for Windows API.
2021-06-25 15:04:38 -04:00
Phillip Stephens 274ad5ef07
Fix compiling on linux 2021-06-19 14:43:23 -07:00
Henrique Gemignani Passos Lima ed3714e55c Fix ConsoleLogger misusing Widen result lifetime 2021-06-19 13:40:17 +03:00
Minty-Meeo f23179e168 Wide char homogeneity
If wide char stdlib functions are used on a narrow char stream, they attempt to narrow the character or string.  If this fails, nothing is written to the stream and an error is indicated.  The {fmt} library, at its core, uses stdlib functions for printing to a stream.  However, it takes it a step further and acts upon errors while printing by throwing an exception.

If narrow char stdlib functions are used on a wide char stream, they throw an assertion.  The {fmt} library somehow does not throw an assertion, but whatever it ends up printing is garbage anyhow.

So from either end, it is generally a bad idea to mix narrow and wide character printing.  While you can get away with using wide char functions on a narrow char stream, the moment you start using anything other than English characters, it all falls apart.  Just as well, narrow chars on wide char streams do not work at all.  Despite this, I found many situations where wide char printing and narrow char printing was being used at the same time.  This PR makes character printing homogeneous to avoid the previously discussed issues.
2021-05-08 00:52:03 -05:00
Luke Street 0e3fe3e766 Integrate sentry-native crash reporting 2021-04-04 18:20:48 -04:00
Henrique Gemignani Passos Lima d4af1a1088 FileLogger: don't open/close file for each write 2021-04-03 19:42:44 +03:00
Phillip Stephens 8913e55e34 Fix crashing on windows when registering a file logger after a console logger, windows runtime bugs annoy the hell out of me >:( 2020-12-31 13:53:26 -08:00
Jack Andersen 7f63cabaea Fixes for recent windows SDK changes 2020-08-22 17:28:34 -10:00
Luke Street 41432143fd Only use lm service when LOGVISOR_NX_LM set 2020-05-05 00:14:41 -04:00
Jack Andersen 14ea54f8b5 Add lm service for switch build 2020-05-03 20:09:21 -10:00
Jack Andersen d62b4ce26e Update fmtlib 2020-04-11 12:44:21 -10:00
Jack Andersen f04a9777eb Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 2019-09-30 21:21:21 -10:00
Jack Andersen 187c35f3c4 Ensure only one console logger is able to be registered 2019-09-30 21:20:45 -10:00
Lioncash 63cb911d09 logvisor: Mark logvisorAbort as [[noreturn]]
All variants of logvisorAbort do what they say in their name -- abort.
Given control isn't returned from this function, we can signify that
it's a noreturn function
2019-09-06 07:37:27 -04:00
Lioncash 2f3f06e5ca logvisor: Add missing override specifiers 2019-08-26 10:34:40 -04:00
Lioncash 94d1c558a0 logvisor: Use std::fputs/std::fputc where applicable
We can just use std::fputc when inserting a single character instead of
using std::fputs. Likewise, we can use std::fputs over std::fprintf when
no formatting specifiers are present.
2019-08-26 10:31:45 -04:00
Jack Andersen 3bedd268e8 Integrate libfmt for format strings 2019-07-19 18:21:39 -10:00
Jack Andersen ebe7463e67 Ignore GCC truncation warning 2019-06-09 16:48:06 -10:00
Jack Andersen a2ffe70b4e Don't kill windows console on abort 2019-05-09 18:06:21 -10:00
Jack Andersen 3da29add5f Implicit switch fallthrough refactor 2019-02-17 19:45:51 -10:00
Jack Andersen 01e291833b New code style refactor 2018-12-07 19:17:15 -10:00
Jack Andersen 22ed01ffc5 Add nxstl 2018-10-06 16:56:33 -10:00
Jack Andersen 82f1df9c40 Use prctl on Linux to set thread name 2018-06-01 14:01:11 -10:00
Jack Andersen 073cf1473b Minor printf fix 2018-05-24 20:32:04 -10:00
Jack Andersen 71bbb3d082 Don't print addr2line's stderr 2018-05-05 15:30:53 -10:00
Jack Andersen 2e595922be Add global log counter 2018-03-23 11:38:33 -10:00
Jack Andersen bb0535f3a9 Use exit(1) instead of abort() for win32 release builds 2018-01-21 12:01:16 -10:00
Jack Andersen b89d18c471 use exit(1) rather than abort() for release builds 2018-01-13 20:06:42 -10:00
Jack Andersen f28fa0dbb2 Add KillProcessTree subroutine 2018-01-09 20:14:40 -10:00
Jack Andersen beee8b3970 Use C++ standard library includes 2017-12-28 21:53:09 -10:00
Jack Andersen 408ae926d7 UWP support 2017-12-05 17:20:32 -10:00
Jack Andersen bfe0c1ccad Fix addr2line invokation 2017-11-01 23:20:23 -10:00
Jack Andersen f8ab0e03ba Win32 sync 2017-01-20 14:18:50 -10:00
Jack Andersen 847d08d5b7 Proper raised abort() call 2017-01-18 23:01:09 -10:00
Jack Andersen e6f24e6428 Better regulation of logging mutex 2017-01-18 10:54:00 -10:00
Jack Andersen f913fb8479 Handle SIGABRT 2017-01-16 15:59:00 -10:00
Jack Andersen b229c2f8fe Fix MSVC compile fail 2017-01-16 15:30:32 -10:00
Jack Andersen 362499716c Ensure ThreadMap is locked on modification 2017-01-16 15:19:06 -10:00
Jack Andersen f601125b22 Fix macOS `atos` invocation 2016-09-29 17:31:24 -10:00
Jack Andersen e397cb4b08 Add include needed by OS X 2016-09-18 15:32:20 -10:00
Jack Andersen 31aea91ea3 Better performance on backtrace generation 2016-09-18 13:46:05 -10:00
Jack Andersen 469bd97ce6 More informative backtrace on linux / OS X 2016-09-17 11:30:17 -10:00
Jack Andersen 9285d183d7 Recursive mutex for avoidng deadlocks during logging 2016-09-11 11:14:48 -10:00
Jack Andersen c839ce774c Less jarring fatal abort for Windows 2016-09-10 15:19:55 -10:00
Jack Andersen a190c5cfb6 Send backtrace to stderr 2016-09-08 18:18:15 -10:00
Jack Andersen ac88aa934d Add backtrace print to fatal logvisor errors 2016-09-07 20:13:49 -10:00
Jack Andersen f8a24cc128 Add logvisor::LockLog() for ensuring output stream sync 2016-08-24 14:25:06 -10:00
Jack Andersen df3a949d61 Windows build fix 2016-03-04 17:21:18 -10:00