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## Metaforce
#### Formerly known as URDE
## Metaforce [![Build Status]][actions] [![Discord Badge]][discord]
**Status:** Metroid Prime 1 In-Game (all retail GC & Wii versions)
[Build Status]: https://github.com/AxioDL/metaforce/actions/workflows/build.yml/badge.svg
[actions]: https://github.com/AxioDL/metaforce/actions
[Discord Badge]: https://dcbadge.vercel.app/api/server/AMBVFuf?style=flat
[discord]: https://discord.gg/AMBVFuf
**Official Discord Channel:** https://discord.gg/AMBVFuf
A reverse-engineered, native reimplementation of Metroid Prime.
![Metaforce screenshot](assets/metaforce-screen1.png)
### Download
This project is currently in **alpha** state.
Builds are currently unavailable while the project undergoes large changes.
Separately, a [matching decompilation](https://github.com/PrimeDecomp/prime) of Metroid Prime is currently underway. Contributions are welcome.
Progress on the decompilation benefits Metaforce with bug fixes and new implementations.
![Metaforce screenshot](assets/metaforce-screen1.png)
### Platform Support
* Windows 10 (64-bit, D3D11 / Vulkan)
* Windows 10+ (64-bit, D3D12 / Vulkan / OpenGL)
* macOS 10.15+ (Metal)
* Linux (Vulkan)
* Linux (Vulkan / OpenGL)
* Follow [this guide](https://github.com/lutris/docs/blob/master/InstallingDrivers.md) to set up Vulkan & appropriate drivers for your distro.
### Usage