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@ -161,3 +161,11 @@ existing HECL project (assuming paths are relative), then run the following comm
hecl package MP1/URDE
This will cook and package the debug models and will automatically enable rendering of lights in a debug build of Metaforce.
### Blender Known Issues
On Windows it is known that paths >240 characters will cause blender to fail while attempting to open/create a file, causing hecl to stall.
We currently do not have a good fix for this issue, however a workaround is to place hecl near the root of your directory tree
and executing from there e.g:
Another work around is to install a version of python that matches the one blender ships with and renaming the python directory in the blender directory to `python.bak`.
This will force blender to use the system's python if it's available and will not have the same path limitation