Roll third_party/angle/ 52c42e5a8..4aa0975e6 (35 commits)

And disable 'angle_build_tests' to fix build


$ git log 52c42e5a8..4aa0975e6 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2022-05-24 antonio.caggiano Vulkan: Support Wayland EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY
2022-05-20 jmadill D3D: Fix race condition with parallel shader compile.
2022-05-25 angle-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 82a65519c521 to c8893896acff (10 revisions)
2022-05-22 gert.wollny libANGLE: Fix evaluating the sample count
2022-05-25 angle-autoroll Roll Chromium from d624307d6d25 to 1f342b327faa (484 revisions)
2022-05-16 gert.wollny Capture/Replay: Override eglCreateImage and eglDestroyImage
2022-05-23 ffz Code Cleanup
2022-05-24 lfy Add to OWNERS
2022-05-24 senorblanco D3D: implement whole-struct assignment in SSBOs.
2022-05-20 lexa.knyazev Fix ValidCompressedSubImageSize for 3D uploads
2022-05-20 m.maiya Vulkan: Bug fix in GL_QCOM_shading_rate
2022-05-12 mark Add Vulkan backend support for texture labels
2022-05-22 cnorthrop Capture/Replay: Allow repeated Gen-on-Bind for resources
2022-05-24 jmadill GN: Add angle_build_tests.
2022-05-22 syoussefi Vulkan: Dump graphics pipeline cache graph
2022-05-23 yuxinhu Revert "util/X11Window: Set PMinSize and PMaxSize hints."
2022-05-24 angle-autoroll Roll Chromium from 99a468a0505d to d624307d6d25 (438 revisions)
2022-05-20 hailinzhang Vulkan: Fix EXT_texture_buffer support condition
2022-01-19 antonio.caggiano dEQP: Support Wayland
2022-05-09 antonio.caggiano Vulkan: Use packed enum for present modes
2022-05-11 cnorthrop Traces: Update
2022-05-23 angle-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from 880c9e0050c6 to 82a65519c521 (5 revisions)
2022-05-23 angle-autoroll Roll SwiftShader from 73679602bc0b to b5cb037f0292 (2 revisions)
2022-05-23 angle-autoroll Roll Chromium from f0d8ec07c77f to 99a468a0505d (698 revisions)
2022-05-17 syoussefi Vulkan: Rearrange GraphicsPipelineDesc to reduce footprint
2022-05-21 syoussefi Capture/Replay: Make sure replay tests build libEGL
2022-05-21 ayzhao Silence all std::iterator deperecation warnings
2022-05-17 syoussefi Drop support for 64xMSAA+
2022-05-16 syoussefi Vulkan: Dynamic state for primitive restart enable
2022-05-18 sunnyps Enable EXT_texture_norm16 on ES2/D3D11
2022-05-16 syoussefi Vulkan: Dynamic state for depth bias enable
2022-05-16 syoussefi Vulkan: Dynamic state for rasterizer discard enable
2022-05-16 syoussefi Vulkan: Optimize pipeline desc w.r.t dynamic state
2022-05-18 m.maiya Account for GL_ANGLE_yuv_internal_format when setting yuv state
2022-05-16 jmadill Move trace loader code to a common location.

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  roll-dep third_party/angle

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Ben Clayton 2 years ago committed by Dawn LUCI CQ
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@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ default_args = {
angle_enable_abseil = false
angle_standalone = false
angle_build_all = false
angle_build_tests = false
angle_has_rapidjson = false
angle_use_wayland = false
angle_vulkan_headers_dir = "//third_party/vulkan-deps/vulkan-headers/src"

@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ deps = {
'third_party/angle': {
'url': '{chromium_git}/angle/angle@52c42e5a824dc6f564b237862115193adf7992e5',
'url': '{chromium_git}/angle/angle@4aa0975e62fa5ec3d1852205e9627517217e22e4',
'condition': 'dawn_standalone',