Shell abstraction layer and rendering interface for 3D applications
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Boo Mascot


Boo is a cross-platform windowing and event manager similar to SDL or SFML, with additional 3D rendering functionality.

The primary focus of Boo is 2D/3D rendering using polygon-rasterization APIs like OpenGL or Direct3D. It exposes a unified command-queue API for calling the underlying graphics API.

The only per-platform responsibility of the client code is providing the shaders' source. Drawing, resource-management and state-switching are performed using the unified API; these may be written once for all platforms.

Boo also features a unified audio API for mixing voices and performing variable sample-rate-conversion. All audio computation occurs on the CPU, synchronously 'pumped' by the client each frame-iteration.

Client code is entered via the appMain method supplied in a callback object. This code executes on a dedicated thread with graphics command context available. The API may be used to synchronize loops on the client thread with the display refresh-rate.

Supported Graphics Backends

  • OpenGL 3.3+
  • Direct3D 11
  • Metal 1.1 (OS X 10.11 only for now, iOS coming soon)
  • Vulkan

Supported Audio Backends

  • [Windows] WASAPI
  • [OS X] Audio Queue Services
  • [Linux] ALSA

Pro Logic II Encoding Support

The Boo audio engine supports real-time Pro Logic II surround matrixing for 5.1 client mixes. Call IAudioVoiceEngine::enableLtRt(true); to enable this functionality.

Note: Before building Boo, the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives must be installed for full surround-sound encoding capabilities. Without this library, only the left, right, and center channels will be encoded. The surround channels are phase-shifted 90-degrees using the Hilbert functions in the library.