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**Official Discord Channel:**
![Metaforce screenshot](assets/urde-screen1.png)
![Metaforce screenshot](assets/metaforce-screen1.png)
### Download
Precompiled builds of the command-line extraction utility (`hecl`) with embedded dataspec libraries are available at This will give you intermediate dumps of original formats as *blender* and *yaml* representations.
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### Usage (Wii versions)
**IMPORTANT**: Trilogy main menu currently doesn't work, and requires the `--warp 1 0` command line arguments to get in-game.
NFS files dumped from Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii U VC can be used directly without converting to ISO.
* Extract ISO or NFS: `hecl extract [path].[iso/nfs] -o mpt`
* `mpt` can be substituted with the directory name of your choice
* Repackage game for Metaforce: `cd mpt; hecl package MP1`
* The `MP1` parameter is important here.
* Run Metaforce: `metaforce mpt/out`
* Run Metaforce: `metaforce mpt/out --warp 1 0`
#### Metaforce options (non-exhaustive)

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